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Headed back down to SJ, and had lunch with timenchanter.  Always good.  Then did some research into equipment for the potential Impac job.  OK, I walked through 2 Fry's, Central Computer, and a CompUSA.  Looks like I can pull together what I need for under $250.

Pulled a little more sleep, cleaned up, and headed to the bar.

Wow.  Just... Wow.  Or, in other words - that was one hell of a busy night.  I think I ended up with about 42 singers, when all was said and done.  And this wasn't one of those nights where everyone in the bar was singing.

Some of this was because almost the whole Gay Bar contingent showed up:  cekyr0, jeffercine, cmjfoxfyre, Shawn, and gidget121972.  It just needed helios77 to be complete.  But they only accounted for a small fraction of the room.

Even Tabby came out.  Haven't seen her at a show in ages.

What's really amazing is that, apart from green beer, we weren't doing anything for St. Patrick's.  Generally, bars that aren't Irish or British pubs do terribly on Paddy's day.  Much coolness.

And so I'm back in a (crowded) Carrows, having some food, and trying to recover.  That was work.  But a whole lot of fun.

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