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Social Butterfly-ness

Yesterday was kshandra's last day of her gig at the Credit Union, so we arranged to have me pick her up at 5:00, then do something about dinner.

After some back-and-forth, we settled on what had been Sneha, but was now the "Grand Indian Buffet" near Lawrence and Arques. Indian buffets are a very dangerously yummy thing.

By the time we finished there, it was only 6:00 or so, so we moseyed on up to Castro St. in Mountain view, and took in Cosmos&Candles. On the way we ran into Armelle, of all people, talking to a guy (Mike) playing a Sitar in the entryway of a closed store. Much like the last time we met, she acted embarrassed about not having come in to the bar. Apparently people expect me to be angry at them if karaoke isn't the centerpiece of their existence.

It probably would be good for business, if I could act properly stern without giggling constantly.

After some time spent looking at pretty things at C&C, and a nice conversation with the owner (Who turns out to be Moroccan. Very interesting lady), it was 7:00, so we headed to the bar, which was, surprisingly, open. I was set up early as a result, and even started on time.

It was a very slow night for a Thursday. Even trivialt didn't make it in. I think a lot of people were afraid of that strange liquid stuff coming from the sky. Californians frequently act very strangely around the first few rainfalls of the season. In the end, I ran for a total of 6 rounds, and closed at 1:45.

Then I took Kirsten home, grabbed some Jack-in-the-Box, and crashed the hell out.

Today I got up "early" to go have lunch with timenchanter and celticnoor at ThepThai. I was up and aboot, so for some reason I decided to go visit Fry's. This was, of course, a bad idea, since I now own copies of MirrorMask and Krull. They were showing The Incredibles in the DVD section, and I might have grabbed that too, if I had succeeded in finding it. It didn't seem to be in any of the sections or in any of end-caps. Such is life.

While there, I got a message from cmjfoxfyre, pointing out that she was, in fact, at the store today. So I swung down to Valley Fair, talked to the Most Excellent Carla, and was handed a couple of free day tickets to SiliCon. So it appears I'll be attending, at least tonight. Carla promised to bug me frequently if I didn't.

I'm also supposed to go to Angela's boyfriend Chuck's birthday party tonight, so I'm-a gonna be busy.

In the meantime, Timmie is heading home, and we'll probably figure something dinner-like to do.

Sigh. Being popular is such hard work.

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