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More Sleep

Last night's show stayed good until the end. While we had an understandable number of dropouts, the 7th and last rotation still had 8 people in it.

We all had a pretty good time. I know sugarbare had a blast complaining about the songs I was giving her.

I closed down at about 1:30, and even with a little disc-checking (both versions of "Rich Girl" are duets), I was out of there not too long after 2:00. The database changes didn't take too long because around 11:30 or so, I changed back to using my phone for data instead of Google WiFi. Google apparently goes to bed early.

Then the traditional ferrying of the synkitty home, some more Jack-in-the-Box tacos, and sleep. Lots of sleep. I woke up some time a little after noon, cancelled a trip to my parents, had Melanie reschedule for next week, then back to bed. Until something like 6:00 this evening.

In my usual speedy fashion, I'm just now out of the shower and, uh, ready for the day...

timenchanter got home a little while ago, and is apparently also interested in food. So food it shall be.

Then, who knows? Maybe some Splash, as well.

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