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Uptime and Downtime

So timenchanter did, in fact, get some lessons in driving stick yesterday. Some more practice is needed to set in some of the reflexes, but that's it.

We then had dinner at Pasta Pomodoro, then headed off to KoC. I was feeling bad about being late (Got there about 7:20), which is apparently a bad omen.

dancin_whitey was again supposed to open last night. We still hadn't heard from him by the end of the night. bluize was apparently on the road somewhere, and wouldn't have been able to make it until 8:30.

In the end, Paula actually showed up, about 8:00. Then Paul, who'd apparently been convinced to leave a date.

With Timmie's help, I was ready to go by 8:30. And got going at 8:40, since Paula needed to take 10 minutes to tell me she'd pay me.


And then I started what turned out to be a really nice night. We had a few new people - a couple of whom are supposed to be back tonight (Eva and Charles). filmbuf104 had his birthday party there, which meant more exposure to both the lovely Natalie and Sundee. Also trivialt, for some reason.

Who dressed me down for not mentioning him at CCF on Friday. My bad.

So definitely a fun night, even if Stan and I had to cut short our game of Natalie-ball due to complaints from the ball.

The rotation stayed a little over an hour in length for most of the night. I almost made through 5 rounds, but had to stop at 1:58.

It took me forever to close up, largely because I resurfaced a skipping disc, then tried to look into a few tracks that weren't properly labelled as duets - only to be stymied by Google WiFi.

So, after dropping synkitty off, and grabbing some Jack-in-the-Box (mmmm, tacos...), I went to sleep.

And, apart from the rare 15 minute bit of wakefulness, there I stayed until 4:30 this afternoon. I think I still have some remnants of the cold/flu thing hanging on.

I was late to the bar - didn't get here until about 8:00. It was, of course, open. Possibly in part because sugarbare is bartending tonight.

It's being an incredibly nice, laid-back night so far. The rotation is at 13 right now, and about to go to 14. trivialt is here, as are hollyk, ajayav, mvmedic, supersniffles, dwo, Amanda, and Amanda's really cute friend Casey.

Both Cindi and William brought food. Life is good, if a little on the fattening side.

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