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My Dinner With Mary

Yesterday was my (usually) weekly visit to Stuart&Frida's.  They had Mary over.  Describing the contact is a little odd.  OK, Mary from the dog park.  Her dog Buddy loves playing with Lucy, and more importantly, Mary is always a source of interesting conversation.

A notion which was not disabused by dinner.  Because of continuous conversation, dinner took from about 6:00 until 10:00, when she suddenly realized how late it was, and rushed home to sleep.

So, sadly, didn't get to share the hot tub with her.  Such is life.  On the other hand, used the hot tub.

Mena's friend Chris wants to rent "She"'s room after she vacates.  Far from as positive an idea as having timenchanter move in, but then, he's seriously considering buying a condo at this point.  Chris is not exactly my favorite person, but he doesn't seem like the worst to have around, either.  He's at least clean.

Frida has a subcontracting job she'll be pointing my way (reviewing some code), and Stuart will most likely be getting his company to hire me for a fix-it visit to a vendor.  These are good things.  Each will bring in a few k.  I'm brushing up on my web-sniffing tools and skills for Stuart's job.

Conked out at the laptop a little after midnight, then crawled into Annelyse's bed around 2:00.  Just to be precise, the 13 year old owner of the bed isn't here weekdays...

Woke up just before 8:00.  Freaky.  Hope this doesn't become a habit.

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