Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's show kept me jumping, for one reason or another. I did end up starting 10 minutes late, but that was mostly a matter of delays between my little bit of setup and the band's teardown.

I have to say, though, that it's refreshing to work with such cooperative people. I didn't get on their case, they didn't get on mine, and we both got our jobs done.

It turned out to be a slightly odd night. The most pleasant part was getting to see ladyelsena on her jaunt out from Utah. She still has one wrist in a brace - and the other being held together by an external bar - but her hands work, and she danced a fair amount of the evening. Given the one external bar, we discussed her likely Borg costume for Halloween.

With Aurellia came Tracy, which is always a little, well, strange. I like Tracy quite well, but it can get a tad distracting having someone spending most of the evening in the booth, feeling you up. Pleasant, definitely, but distracting.

What else can I say about the night? I hardly ever have anyone knock over my drink. Last night it happened twice - and only one of those that did it had the excuse of being drunk. I need to find a different place to keep the spare envelopes. A large number of them are now orange - and probably sealed shut.

trivialt spent several hours, which is always pleasant. Jasmine spent the evening. It's always nice to see Jasmine, if only because I tend to worry, and it's good to know she's OK.

Gretchen and Kristin were there early, and spent a fair amount of time. This is always a good thing in my book. Gretchen was even relatively subdued, though personally I tend to think she's more amusing than disturbing when she's on an expansive kick.

Most of the early rotations were about an hour long. This of course evaporated quite a bit later, with the result that I finished the 6th and last rotation at 1:20. This gave supersniffles two songs. I might have tried for another round if I hadn't run out of chart.

I finished closing down and left around 2:00. Then I took Jasmine home, dropped off synkitty at hers, grabbed a little Jack-in-the-Box, and crashed. Hard.

I finally woke up today around 11:00 or so. That gave me enough time to clean up, then take mena_kissesoh1 off downtown for a piss test.

And now I'm relaxing after a fairly pleasant lunch. The main thing on the agenda today is to take some documents to the county. I need to document that a couple of judgements that were cleared two years ago were actually cleared.

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