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Yesterday, timenchanter and I went up to the Dome and did some chores for the parents. He powerwashed their outside staircase while I, uh, made sure the hose and power cord were untangled.

Then we removed a giant rosemary bush. OK, I clipped off a few pieces here and there, then he ripped the thing out of the ground.

I don't feel inadequate. Really.

After a very nice dinner, we actually bowed out fairly early, and headed back down to the valley, where I, at least, went to sleep.

Going to bed early turned out to be a good thing. I didn't remember until about 6:30 this morning, but I had promised twitchet to help her move today. Which, in fact, I did. Her, her friend Jason, and I moved her stuff from her last digs in Oakland into storage in the Household trailer, which is presently unoccupied.

In return, Tabby took us out to Bennigan's, which worked for me.

Then home, a 20 minute nap, a quick shower, and off to KoC. There have been several balls dropped in advertising this particular event, but this afternoon we have a concert by The Kimberly Trip, which has turned out to be a very, very good band indeed. There's a reasonable chance we'll be seeing them later, with some advertising.

They're also a professional enough band that they don't need any sound help, so I've just been setting up in the booth while listening. If I start late tonight, it's not going to be my fault this time, dammit!

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