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Now, That Was Better

Moped around for most of the day, then went off to timenchanter's for dinner.  Not my primary plan for the evening, but far from the least favorite of my things to do.  He had a couple of friends over - David & Seamus, I believe the names are (I'm so terrible with names).

Very interesting people.  They think they've seen me before, I suspect I've seen them before.  And we probably have.  They're gamers, and know some of the gamers I know (Like Tabby's ex Vern).  They go to cons, though not Baycon for a couple of years - but then I've been to every Baycon for more than a decade.  That sorta thing.

Nerds of the finest stripe.  Also the kind of nutcases who immediately know what MPD is, and don't go all weird at the suggestion of it.

After what felt like a short conversation, they took off just before 10:00, and Timmy & I headed off to Splash.  A much better night this time.  It was slow when we got there, but shortly Apple showed up, then Wiley, then rapp81, then eventually Eddie.  Then a host of other more distant acquaintances.  I got to spend some time talking with Eddie, who's always a blast.

Just fun.  Fun is good.

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