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Less Sleep

I still don't feel like I've done much. I mean, laundry is an accomplishment and all, but ya know?

Made it out (late) to lunch with timenchanter at ThepThai. Then wandered the Japanese gardens at Kelly Park for a bit. I didn't seem to be in a state that calmed well, however, and the school trip kids (especially the crying one) didn't help in that regard.

It was also pretty hot.

So I came home, and languished in my chair for a bit. I need to find some form of employment than pays for languishing. I do it so well after all - and in such quantity!

And that's about it. Well, honestly, I've been thinking about the whole eBay situation quite a bit on and off for the last few days, but it's hard to say you've done something when you're mostly, well, "contemplating".

I'm debating whether to eat dinner before the show, or just get a minor snack. Decisions, decisions, and all that sort of rot. Tally-ho!

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