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Things Calm Down

I spent a good chunk of yesterday power-washing my parents' deck. Four and a half hours, to be precise. And it was only that short because their friend Dave did near half of it before I got there.

Ya see, the deck on the dome goes all the way around. About 140' long by 10' wide. Which wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't need to spend so much time kneeling down and prying out acorns with a putty knife...

Woe is me, etc, etc. So anyway, I got a little much-needed exercise. Then I was fed dinner.

They finally decided to show me dad's knee, now that it's healed up. It looks, well, nasty. But it's healed, and it appears to work fine. There's not really a lot more one can ask for at 85.

I left there a bit earlier than usual (I apparently looked pretty deadish), and got some sleep. Not as much, or as solid as I'd like, but after waking up and falling back down a few times, I think I've gotten close to 8 hours.

That's my accomplishment for the day, so far. As I was trying to crawl into the shower, timenchanter called and asked if I'd had lunch. So he ended up taking me out to Aqui. Good stuff.

Some talking, and a minor bit of shopping later, he's heading down to his brother's place to babysit, and I'm, well, home.

There are, of course, a number of things I should be doing before I head to the show. Pay a bill, say, or finally set up that eBay store I've put off for more than a month. But knowing me, I'll veg instead...

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