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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

I still don't know what it is that took me so long, but I didn't head to dinner last night until about 10:00. Which worked out extremely well, since I got to enjoy the company of kshandra.

The Cheesecake Factory closes at 11:00 on Tuesdays. We were busy talking until about midnight. Unfortunately, being surrounded by no other customers, lights full on, with people cleaning seems normal to me.

From there I headed up to Splash. They actually had some people, and the sound quality was considerably better than usual, though they still have that odd high-pitched feedback for quiet singers near the stage. Not a lot of people I knew, but I hung out and talked to mr_seed for a while.

Got home, slept some, then got up at a reasonable hour to go meet timenchanter for lunch. He's in training over at Pruneridge and Winchester, so we just did the Valley Fair food court. I did manage to sneakily get him to Cold Stone. It was worth it just for the look on his face when he realized what I'd done.

Afterwards, I came home, paid my bill of the day (I'm trying to get myself to do at least one a day), played around on LJ for a while, and realized I really wanted to do something different. Actually, the thought had been going through my mind since lunch.

So, even though it was late, I gassed up the car and headed south to the Point Lobos State Reserve. I didn't even know if it'd be open - it closes at 5:00 for part of the year - but I decided to just go. It turns out it's open until 7:00 through October. I'll cover that part of the day in a separate post.

After leaving the park at 7:01, I started heading back up the coast, and decided it would be nice to drop by The Crêpe Place for dinner. So I schlepped my way up the coast to Santa Cruz.

The place was nice, and the food good, as always. They had live music - mostly a woman and her guitar singing pleasantly lesbianic songs. She was finishing "Angel From Montgomery" as I walked in, which was the straightest song she sang all evening.

Honestly, it's kind of funny having the level of gaydar I've just randomly developed over the years. My slogan should be "I see gay people".

After a scrumptious - and too large - dinner, I took the lovely 17 home. Just before I got here I received a message from the newly joined turn2nz, so I stopped in the driveway to email her some advice, and add her to my friends list.

And that's the day that was.

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sounds heavenly! drooling! wishing I could do that and more. Your wishing wanting happy lioness, t-

Re: wow!

Yeah, it has been rather self-indulgent. :-D

Somehow it seems appropriate that I also happened to be wearing my "Flake" shirt all day today. I even had a very nice couple at the Reserve laugh about it - I told them it was Truth in Advertising.

I was actually thinking of maybe doing an "I see gay people... at KoC" run of shirts.

Right after "Lesbians love KoC"...