Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's show ended up being busy to the end. Apparently it's likely to stay that way until filmbuf104's Wizard of Oz finishes its run.

Which works for me - more Natalie time! I also need to see if I can schedule time to go see it.

Kind of interestingly, crowd or not, sales were adequate, at best. Apparently a large portion of crowd wasn't drinkers.

But at least they were a fun group. I ended up finishing a 6th round off at 1:55, headed off to Carrow's to decompress, then did the home&sleep thing.

As I mentioned before, snafflekid donated a couple of new discs. I entered them this morning, and the new update sheet is available.

It's perhaps unfortunate that I entered them today, since I'm not sure what the general reaction to the "9/11" update will be. This is easily solved, of course - especially if anyone wants to donate, say Sound Choice 8967 (hint, hint).

mena_kissesoh1 asked for a ride back to the house an hour or two ago, which gave me the impetus to get cleaned up and out of bed. So, of course, I'm facing the day bravely in the main way I know: I'm having a large lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Woo!

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