Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Little Things

After dinner last night, I really didn't want to go home. I tried calling bluize to see if she was at the bar - there's some equipment testing I need to do. Turned out she was at home cooking dinner. So no go there. I also somehow need to find a way to disengage from her gracefully. I apparently always come across to her as earnest and urgent, or something, while I'm trying to say "Oh, OK, no biggie, talk to you later." Ah well.

Since that fell through, I headed off to Splash, in the hopes of hanging out with La Jentra a bit. I was not at all disappointed. She was even there sans entourage, so we got to talk for a couple of hours, which was nice.

Said hi to Wiley, mr_seed, valeriesparks, and Kendall. Rick, Amanda et al were there as well. I'm told it was a pretty busy evening earlier, but it had seriously emptied out by the time I got there.

After Splash closed down, I drove around aimlessly for a bit, then headed home. Where, for some reason, I fell asleep.

A lot of today has also been spent snoring, or surfing aimlessly. Spent a little bit reading the very twisted Doobl. I honestly can't tell if the guy is truly going through a major crisis of faith, or has one seriously twisted sense of humor. I suspect the latter, but I don't know...

I cleaned up around 2:00, and headed out to give mena_kissesoh1 a ride back from the light rail station. On the way to pick up Mellie, she got a call from Anisha, who's obviously trying to couch surf at the house. We decided to just avoid her, so we went and got the car washed, then got and installed new wiper refills. Amazing what will finally motivate you to do something useful.

I dropped of the duo, then headed out to grab some food. Yeah, I know Dinner& is starting in just over an hour, but I was hungry, and didn't like the thought of arriving at the Hamptons and scarfing down half the table. I'll be leaving here shortly, and seeing what I can find to bring that's interesting.

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