Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Welcome Distractions

After last night's post, I got around to cleaning myself up, took mena_kissesoh1's friend Gretchen home, then betook myself to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory, where I ended up hanging out and munching (on far too much) for two hours, until 12:30. They seemed kinda happy to see me go.

I have to report that the Cheesecake effect did not occur. In fact, I appear to have gained another pound overnight. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but, well, last week I made the mistake of going to Costco hungry. The result was a giant jar of cashews (finished in 3 days), a huge twin box of wheat thins (still going) and a bunch of trail mix packs (about a third gone). Since that point, my weight has risen from near 221 to 226.

Apparently nuts and fatty baked goods are bad for your weight. Who knew?

Today I woke up at the unheard-of hour of 8:00, and made my way to tlslive's house, where she, I, and Albert moved, disassembled, and reassembled a fair amount of furniture. Kind of a playtime with Ikea, when you come down to it.

I left there about 3:00, and headed up to the parents'. I can't say I've done much up here, except nap and eat their food. Well, and play online.

And that's my day. Tomorrow looks fairly similar, except with a show attached.

I recently actually added up the hours I spend every week on the show. I was a little surprised to find out that just the time spent setting up, doing the show, and tearing down is about 20 hours. No wonder I haven't been able to stay awake through any day jobs...

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