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And The Beat Goes On

Looong day.  I started out trying to get up to Stuart&Frida's early.  That, of course, failed, if only because I was so embroiled in LJ discussions.  Turned out timenchanter was free, so we headed up together.  Got there, Bernie was actually there, but didn't want any tutoring.  Of course, Stuart's out on a business trip, and Frida had just started a nap.  So we hung out with Bernie, Annelyse, and Sabrina.

Actually, I spent more time hanging out with the dogs...

Frida woke up, and proceeded to do her best to sell me on doing consulting work as a PACS Analyst.  It's slightly out of my usual, but it's definitely something I can do, and the pay is phenomenal.  Also, as a consultant, the whole cubicle thing doesn't happen.  Does involve suits, however, and some travel, so I might have to get a frequent replacement at the show...

Ah well.  After prying ourselves away from Frida (And I do mean prying - she was feeling lonely), we headed back so Timmy could take his car to Sarah's birthday party, and I could head off to dancin_whitey's.  Much fun.  Got to spend a fair amount of time talking to cekyr0, jeffercine, and Ben's friend Justin.  The lovely unbreak_able was there, but I've had some difficulty managing to involve her in a conversation lately.  Oh well.

Alex was upset that I identified the material in his shirt wrong (It's rayon, and I thought it was polyester).  He relaxed about my knowledge of fabrics when he realized I'm "faux gay".  I'm going to treasure that term...

Ross was heading out to a rave in the City, and a large group of us ended up tagging along.  Interesting experience.  I've never quite managed to make it to a rave before - I've tried multiple times, but things have always come up at the last minute.  Much eye candy of both sexes, so we were all happy.

Those of us from the dork side ended up not staying all that long - an hour and a half, I think.  But it was fun, and educational for the 3 of us that hadn't been to a rave before.

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