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Party Times

If you weren't at the bar last night, you missed out on one hell of a good party. It was the most fun suicide night I've seen there in ages.

The rotation stayed at around an hour for most of the night. I was going to close up after 5 rounds, which turned out to be 1:00. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I did an extra round.

As I sang the first song of the last round, almost everyone came up to me and started tucking dollar bills in my clothing. It was hard maintaining focus when I had some guy I didn't even know trying to tuck a bill in my fly...

Part of the fun was the fact that Amanda was there all night. She's always a good time. And she and timenchanter got sooooo drunk...

Amanda, kizmet100, markobellydance, Timmie and I then took the party to Denny's.

Afterwards I headed home and tried to do something useful. I managed to write up the letter to my agent, but crashed out when trying to compose the one to Larri.

Today I got up in time to get mena_kissesoh1 to a couple of court-related appointments. I managed to finish off the draft of the Larri letter while waiting in parking lots, and sent it off in late afternoon.

I've been a bit at loose ends since then. I need to work on a write-up of what the bar owes me, and get some rest. After all the stress of the last two weeks, I think I may be coming down with something.

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