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Calm Before the Storm

It's been fairly relaxed this weekend. I spent a fairly nice evening at the parents' - with a minimal amount of weeding thrown in to give the impression I was actually helping out.

The only crisis related thing I did today was typing up a homestead declaration from boilerplate. Then I went out to lunch with timenchanter, which also ended up involving pjdorian and Dennis. It's been a frighteningly long time since I've seen either of them. We then adjourned to Paul's house, where we all (and markobellydance, after a bit) watched movies for the afternoon.

So now I've officially seen "Latter Days". Not bad at all.

Despite arriving early, I started tonight's show at 8:15. I had about 6 people lined up at that point, and the first round ended up being 16 long. It's a really cool group. cekyr0 and jeffercine are here. trivialt arrived not too long ago, as did the quite cuddly Natalie.

I guess the only odd thing about the day today has been the number of people calling me "wise". I guess I simulate wisdom better than I thought.

The most amusing was when not only was the subject brought up, but one of my names was accidentally invoked. I assume I looked fairly flustered as I tried to prevent what would have been a very badly timed shift...

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