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Stuff Must of Happened...

I've got a couple of days to catch up on, and no brain...

I'm not sure I actually "accomplished" anything Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday's Dinner And was a lot of fun, even if I passed out through part of it. Of course, they're always a lot of fun. The fact that it was wissavix's birthday made it even more so. And yes, trivialt was there, as was qzar_mystik.

After the party, I managed to finish off most of the arrangements for the eBay fiasco, then truly slept for at least 6 hours. I was able to face Thursday with a certain amount of rest.

Thursday during the day, well, I finally got a consultation appointment with a real estate attorney - that happens this afternoon, assuming I wake up in time. I also got another response from Larri, proving I should have known better. After agreeing that it would be ridiculous for me to set up a payment plan, given how volatile my life is, she now demanded... a payment plan.

I slightly lost my temper. First of all, it's becoming clear (Which I'll be verifying this afternoon) that prior lien or not, she gets paid after the mortgage company does - so anything she does that leads to foreclosure is likely to keep her from getting paid at all. I "gently" pointed that out, and reiterated my position on payment plans.

I got a response from her during the show last night that I didn't feel up to even reading until this morning. Blech. The ability she has to add and maintain huge levels of complication is astounding. I've sent a response, which I think was coherent.

I also got the left side of my mouth deep-cleaned. The term - and to some extent the process - still makes me feel like a carpet. What was amusing was watching the hygienist come face to face with how fast my mouth builds plaque. None of them have ever believed me before. So she scraped some more at the right side, to try to get it to match.

I had dinner at the Mountain View Chevy's, with the Google network in mind. It was, of course, too weak to function in the restaurant. Ah well.

Then the show. Last night's show was pretty awesome. It was also apparently one of the most profitable we've had in quite a while. The fact that it was electrichobbit's going-away probably had a lot to do with that. In any case, large numbers of cool people were there (though no trivialt). misswong77 managed to make her way through Everybody's a Little Bit Racist without giggling this time...

Interestingly enough, the rotation didn't get quite as large as it has been known to do on a Thursday. I actually managed to get a 4th round in before closing down at 1:50.

Then I came home and passed out in my chair. And now I'm gonna go and pass out in my bed.

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