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Life, or a Good Facsimile

Just catching up on general occurrences.

The day Sunday was spent helping Frida and Stuart move and clean stuff around the house. By the end of the day, they'd donated me a huge pile of electronic toys, which are still in my back seat.

Like I really needed another printer at this juncture. But, c'mon! Free stuff!

Sunday's show was quite nice. misswong77 brought Rosa for several hours, which was both nice and unusual - Lucinda rarely graces us with more than a song. We had enough people so that the bar felt reasonably full, and a couple of rotations were longer than an hour. But with all that, I managed 6 rotations and a large fraction of a 7th.

The Kristin ass war continued, though we both really only got one good strike in. She would have to pick "Hanky Panky" as her one song, though. So I stood behind her and sang along until she noticed I was there. Gooood double-take.

I finished up just before 1:00, packed up, took synkitty home, then took my exhausted self to bed.

I've already posted about most of Monday. It was largely spent stressing about making phone calls, then stressing about the results of said phone calls. There were several emails and a fax in there, too. Including continuing to try to deal with Cingular. Apparently my refund is now in queue for "approval", which may take 14 business days. If they cut off my phone for nonpayment when next month rolls around, I'm going to find someone to hunt down and strangle.

timenchanter decided to take me out to dinner, so we went to the downtown Sonoma Chicken Coop. The food helped calm some of the stress down, but by the time I got to the bar, I was still vibrating. I mean, literally vibrating.

A margarita and a gin&tonic later (G&T kindly donated by spawrhawk) I was starting to feel much better. It was a pretty good night. From a rotation point of view, it was fairly similar to Sunday. They were a little shorter, so I managed to fit 8 of them in before closing at 1:20.

I had something like 24 individual singers last night, though certainly never at the same time - there was a great deal of comings and goings. mr_seed, valeriesparks, and Val's boyfriend Josh showed up for an hour or so. Val is just getting over a cold or something, so they left early when she got too tired.

I left the bar around 2:00, and headed home. Right about then I got an email from Beth, who was still in the office. I called her, and we talked about the house situation as I drove home. We may do dinner tonight, if she's able to stay awake.

Then a little sleep. I've been sort of "up" since 9:00. I finally called Dorothy at Ameriquest back, trying to get her and my escrow officer in touch. For one thing, I'm feeling really insecure about the quick math I did for the shortfall yesterday. For another, both the escrow officer and I hope that two real estate professionals might be able to make better sense of each other.

Of course, that was over two hours ago, and I haven't heard back.

What I do have is two emails from Larri, and a list of other things to do and read.

It's another wonderful day in the neighborhood!

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