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Bruce [userpic]
I'm an Idiot

I had a long conversation with Crystal tonight. Among other things, she mentioned she'd heard about the post where I'd mentioned her from her friend Tammy, who she described.

I couldn't place the person for the life of me. A complete and utter blank.

Of course, I was in the middle of a long and slightly incoherent response to a comment by Tammy at the same time.


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that is amusing, but considering the number of people that you deal with in both the cyber and physical worlds, understandable.

Well, to some extent. There're certainly people with more connections - say, oh, bustymcboob. And there are people who pare friends list down to something 5 times my size, like kshandra.

But still, I have enough that not remembering a particular person is no big deal. I have disconnects like that all the time, which is why it's tricky clearing out the envelope boxes: There're names in there that I don't recognize at all, until the owner of the name walks through the door. Generally the night their envelope is culled...

It's the fact that I was to some extent conversing with both of them at the same time and still made no connection that gets me.

Oh well.

which is what makes it amusing *smirk*

And therefore why I posted it. Well, one of the reasons.

It also was there to close the circle with Tammy, and get that back to Crystal. After all, I don't know either of these people's phone numbers.

And while I like to clear up confusion, this isn't exactly a miscommunication worthy of a huge fix-it campaign.

To add to your confusion, I'm the one who told Crystal about your post! Tammy is one of my best friends, and I get bored at work and read her friend's LiveJournals. I need a new job, huh? Crystal is also one of my closest friends and I couldn't help but be intrigued by your description of a Crystal who exactly matches my Crystal! Sure enough, it was her. I love how the people in my life get so intertwined.

Anyways, I'm Connie. :)

Hi Connie!

The need for a new job would depend on what you want to get out of it. And at least you're trolling LJ - there are far worse places to go.

It's fascinating how everyone ends up interconnected. All my various worlds started colliding a few years ago (Work, Renfair, Fandom and Karaoke) to the point that it doesn't even shock me any more. It used to weird me out something fierce.

The funny thing is that I was seriously wondering whether or not I should have put up that original bit about Crystal. One has to be somewhat careful about what private information one publishes (Since, as can be shown here, it spreads awfully fast), and I don't know her extremely well, so I wasn't sure how she'd react.

Fortunately, it's turned out quite positively. :-)

What's funny is that Crystal ends up bumping into everyone from my world! Dates people I knew in high school, befriends friends of a friend, etc... It is weird.

Maybe I should explain my employment situation. :) I'm 33 weeks pregnant and just getting through the next three weeks before I go on maternity leave. I am DONE with my company, just killing time and training my replacement. Believe you me, if I weren't about to embark on a different life adventure I'd be searching for a different opportunity.

Yeah, you do have to be careful about the info on lj, myspace, or anywhere where random strangers (see me) can read what you say about other people.

My friend Amy is like that. Everyone on the planet seems to know her, and more amazingly she remembers all of them. I've walked down a random street in downtown San Jose with her, in the middle of the night, and had a security guard that knew her run out of a building to talk.

It does certainly look like your LJ trolling days are numbered. You're going to be very busy very shortly - congratulations!

I have to be very careful about any negative info I put on LJ. It keeps coming back and biting me on the ass...

uh.....JERK!!!! ;)

And Crystal has an LJ? How come I don't remember this? I am confused.
(and not even drunk!)

Yes, yes I am. And pretty damn clueless, to boot.

Granted, if she'd used better descriptors than "slight" and "blonde", I would have had a better chance. Say, "dancer" or "pink".

While we're at it, I've been afraid to go back and look at that response. While I frequently ramble on, I at least normally manage to finally pull the results back to some sort of conclusion.

And no, Crystal doesn't have an LJ. She has a MySpace (Which I'm avoiding like the plague, lest I be sucked into yet another time sink).

However, Connie (See comment above) does. And Connie talks to Crystal.

Welcome to High School!

Hi Tamarama! This does feel like high school, or more accurately, junior high.

oh my gosh

ha ha, this is crazy!!!! I am glad you have all became friends though ;) I truly have made a difference in this world, merely by having my name forgotten by a drunk person ;) Woot!



Oh damn, I resemble that remark. It didn't occur to me until later how bizarre it was to talk to Crystal about how much more "there" she seemed as I sipped on my G&T (which, I'll have you know, was my second, and last drink of the evening. So there!).

It's a good thing, though - the best thing (or at least most positive sign) for a recovering alcoholic is if they can hang around drinkers without succumbing to temptation. And she didn't seem interested in the least.

I should mention I forget names all the time when sober, too.

In any case, you make a great deal of difference in the world by being the kind, caring, and talented person you are. Odd events like this only precipitate changes that were likely to occur otherwise.

Re: Hey!

Thanks! You are not too shabby yourself! ;)
And I was only teasing about the alcohol involved ;)