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Yesterday was another one of timenchanter's days at the warehouse, so he and I had lunch, and then I planned to do a little bit of cleanup at home (Grab the laptop, that sort of thing) before I headed out to keep him company for the afternoon.

While at home, I finally figured out how to word things to Trudi, and sent her a couple of text messages (Me?  Hide behind text?  Naaah!) thanking her for a wonderful time, which was especially nice of her since she was being kicked out by June 1st.  Also an add-on message saying how proud I was of her to be doing sex for mutual pleasure, rather than expecting some kind of payoff.

I can be a right bastard sometimes.

I just had to show my handiwork to Mena, so I walked downstairs, showed it to her, we both started laughing, and then she started pointing to the family room.  Trudi was home.

Courageous individual that I am, I ran to the car and headed out to warehouse.  No laptop.  Heck, I wasn't even wearing a watch.

So, on the one hand, I've somewhat navigated the situation.  On the other, well, Gods! I'm such a wimp.

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