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I'm up in Alameda - drove up here last night after leaving my parents. They're leaving Tuesday, so this will be the last time I see them on this side of the Pacific. Well, at least the last time I see them together. They're both going to have jobs that involve occasional travel to the US.

But that's not the reason for this post. I just got an email from my lawyer, responding to one I sent him covering the dates and amounts owed for support. He hasn't pulled the paperwork yet, but he's pretty sure that I've misunderstood one thing since the hearing:

The support amount isn't supposed to be revisited for 2007 and following years. It terminates. While there's always the possibility of her raising a stink, to a huge extent this means I'd be free.

This comes rather nicely on the heels of an email I received from her yesterday. I've only skimmed it - I'm apparently still so touchy on the subject that I have to ease into reading anything from her - but one thing she mentioned was that she has a job. On top of that, that she's gone to college for said job - so it's doubtful she's making minimum wage.

When I mentioned this to Frida last night, her first comment was "Wow, you were right - you were bad for her!"

So there's even more indication of a light at the end of the tunnel - what that light represents will be more clear when I talk to the mortgage people tomorrow.

In other news: She'd previously mentioned being involved in criminal proceedings back in 2004. From her latest email, it appears this was against Devin. Devin was her boyfriend, the last time I saw her. He spent a long time talking to me about what to do to properly take care of her, and seemed genuinely devoted.

What did she do to him?

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