Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's drag show wasn't half bad. I even noticed Ava Grab-Mor lipsynching. That was a shock.

The song selections were pretty good. For example, Madame Steele had a lot of fun with Pussy.

I have the feeling, though, that someday I may have to explain to TamEva that I'm straight. I dunno - Tommy just may have been feeling playful, which is fine. But the ass-bumping got a little repetitive.

Whatever. It was a fun evening, and reasonably well attended. I left a little after montanamouse started playing. I was pretty exhausted.

I think I got to sleep around 2:00. I woke up just before 9:00 to a dunning call from Ameriquest. Apparently "I'm selling the house" isn't good enough for them - I suspect I'm going to get calls from them every day until the house closes.

I managed to get a little sleep after that, but not much. Dealt with a few eBay situations. I still need to get a better grip on that business, though it's starting to get a little better. I also see why a lot of people run their own warehouses. I've had missing orders, and now orders that arrive while I'm still trying to figure out if they've been sent. I frequently look even more like a fool than I am, which is... disturbing.

I got to my parents' place around 5:00. I've vanquished yet more of the giant wisteria, and moved a few things around. I've also gotten a little lecture about not making use of that expensive degree in Engineering, which wasn't much fun.

And now I'm surfing through the phone that apparently still hasn't had its plan fixed! Yay!

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