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Most of the day was spent sleeping - and catching up on my Stephen Brust (I'm reading "Five Hundred Years After", the sequel to "The Phoenix Guards" right now).  That is, until...

Mena had talked about hooking up.  She finally had me awake, a babysitter, and some free time, and was going to be home in 20 minutes.  When someone knocked on my door about 40 minutes later, I opened it to find Trudi.

Trudi wanted to "talk", I assume about this silly eviction thing.  Her concept of talking seemed to be somewhat fluid, probably because I was naked.  The next 20 minutes or so were definitely quite enjoyable.

Mena walked in in the middle, and was a tad disappointed, but (just barely) decided not to join in.  Possibly in part because my room is that filled with junk right now - the only way to fit two people on the bed is if they're on top of each other, and a third one would be more-or-less out of luck.

This was all fine, except, of course, Trudi is now assuming that all is back to being right with the world, and I'm back wrapped around her finger.  I'm working on how to break things to her...

This is, in fact, SOP for Trudi, at least around me.  She'll act lovey-dovey, put out, and then expect to be back in good graces - even if she immediately runs off and ignores me for the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, I'm not completely sure of the details, but apparently stormmonkey got Llorona out of hock (Using money I loaned her), but there was some trouble about previous unpaid fines.  The way Mena put it, Llorona could have stayed home if Mena was willing to take a write-up herself.  She wasn't, so they took the dog back.  Again, I'm not sure exactly what the situation was, except that Llorona is back with the authorities, and Rachell is quite angry with Mena.

Ah well.  The show was much fun tonight.  I won't list participants this time.  The particular timing was kind of interesting, because the rotation was quite long compared to the number of people there - apparently almost everyone there was singing.  I assume because the rotation was so long, a bunch of people that were there early cut out after their second song.  Which was really good for the people who came in later and sang 2-3 songs.

After the show, went out for food with Nevin, Mike (Second time there, I believe), timenchanter and Eddie.  Mike is a very good vocalist, and a complete Darren Hayes nut, so him and Timmy were going completely fanatical at one end of the table while Eddie and I made faces at each other at the other end.  In other words, we all had fun.

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