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Illegal States

I finally called Larri. It went both better and worse than I expected.

Better because there was no screaming involved. That was the high point of the conversation.

Somehow she'd already been told about the situation, which is kind of creepy. I gather someone at the title company called her, but I don't know. She apparently has her spies...

As is usual dealing with Larri, things just got more complicated. She claims she never got notification of the change in support order back in late '04 - early '05, and is still has her lawyer on retainer, even though he's no longer the attorney of record. That's supposedly a "technicality" of some form. In fact, she claims she got neither the hearing notice nor the final order.

So she's expecting something on the order of $206K from me. Difficult, when I couldn't afford the $126K I calculated.

So now I get to talk to the escrow officer about this, and then probably the mortgage company. Essentially, see if I can get them to back down, since she has a prior claim.

And I get further contact with Larri. Joy!

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