Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Legal States

I made it to last night's dinner for deekers's birthday almost half an hour late.

Embarrassing, but spawrhawk helped me out by being just a little bit later.

We were a nice little group. I won't list everybody, though trivialt was definitely there.

I didn't hear the announcement, but if I understand properly, David proposed before his operation - so congratulations are definitely in order.

Afterwards, I tagged along with Mikey and k_magic to Bed, Bath & Beyond, where Mikey got some bedding. Then I headed over to hang out at Barnes&Noble. I was getting a couple of Gene Wolfe books when I got the call that had me meeting mena_kissesoh1 and Robin. After Mena got herself booked, I went home and, well, mostly stressed out over the lien situation.

I was going to head up to Sacramento at 11:00 today. Not too surprisingly, I didn't hit the road until 1:00.

Which was fine - I had enough time to find out what I needed before they closed. I have the release info on the first two liens, and enough info on the last to know that what I want to do is, in fact, doable. I'll need to involve a lawyer to draft it, but it's doable.

So I just need to talk to, and convince, Larri. I've already tried getting her by email without success. I'm going to try an actual (gulp) phone call tomorrow. I'll also need to talk to a lawyer if I can't contact her.

Anyway. I headed to Alameda from beautiful Sacramento, City of Trees, and made it in fairly reasonable time. Enough time to talk to Frida about the day's events, and have her get irate about offering Larri anything. Which was cathartic, but in the long run, fairly useless.

I've had a nice evening here with the Swerdloffs, Mary, and a fair amount of very good port. I actually managed to relax for a bit, I did.

I'll be heading home tonight, because I need to be around while Mario moves out tomorrow. I'm going to try to visit again on Saturday night, since they're leaving Tuesday.

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