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The Era Revisited

It turned out mena_kissesoh1 hadn't actually turned herself in. She'd procrastinated (big surprise) until this evening, when Robin dragged her down to the San Jose jail.

I ended up meeting up with both of them, and hanging out in the jail waiting room for the 45 minutes or so it took them to get an officer over to process her.

I'm not sure they're used to a group laughing and joking that loud while one of them waits to be booked.

Robin, meanwhile, has reconciled with Drew. He's supposedly agreed to couples counseling. It never ends...

The officer that finally showed up was quite dykadelic. Mena didn't seem too pleased about this. If I caught it right, it's mostly that she didn't want the person strip- and cavity-searching her to have too much fun doing it. Ah well.

What seemed stupid to me was watching another guy who turned himself in get processed - he was herded out of there with a pair of handcuffs on, to all appearances uncomfortably tightly. I'm sure it's because it's procedure, but, well, for someone that just turned themselves in?

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