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Other Forms of Suicide

On the less dramatic side of my life, last night's show was a damn fine one. My opinion is probably somewhat slanted by the presence of spondee, who is, after all, damn fine.

As well, of course, as nice, fun, and one hell of a singer. She did this amazing version of "At Last". While kneeling on a couple of barstools. I keep thinking there's something I'm missing there...

For the boys, there was Antonio, our new bar back. Who is also damn fine.

And I'm pretty positive the reason that timenchanter, dwo, and Kendall all stayed until closing.

Add to that visits by the wonderful cekyr0 and jeffercine, and you've got a formula for a pretty enjoyable evening.

I was reasonably on in song selection. I think the highest number of rejected songs was four. Which is pretty bad, but it only happened twice.

It's still interesting to me to see who knows what song. It's very hard to predict. Last night's glaring examples were Marin rushing to the booth to write up "Closer", and finding out that David knows Puddle of Mudd's "Control" much better than I do.

The rotation hovered at around an hour for most of the evening, then dropped off toward midnight. I think I ran 7 rounds (Coulda been 6). In any case, I ended the show at about 1:25.

I ran synkitty home, then decided to live it up for a change, and went to Denny's. This was a bad idea - not because of the food, which is the usual reason, but because I kept falling asleep at my table.

Then home, and unconsciousness. As mentioned in an earlier post, today has been spent looking through documents and stressing.

And now I'm going to go deal with the missing lamp problem. Again. They've gotten me new tracking numbers, which would be fine, if they connected to anything...

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