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Surreal States

Last night, timenchanter, markobellydance, Mary and I stayed up until 1:00 or so just talking up a storm. Also transporting most all of Stuart&Frida's booze collection to the trunk of my car. It's now in good hands at the Fortress of Fatty Liver.

Annelyse was there yesterday. I don't get to see her much - in fact, so rarely, that I'm not sure I have the right spelling. And now I probably won't get to see her at all. We talked for a little bit. As she put it, she's fine - except the little bit about her mom moving out of the country. I've been a little worried about her on that score - she's always been the giver/mediator type, giving up things in order to make everyone else happy. And now a large part of everyone else is just leaving. Not an easy thing for a 14 year old.

Ah well. At one point last night, the handle on their hall bathroom gave up the ghost. It would open from the outside, but not the inside. Sort of a roach restroom. Both Frida and Stuart seemed to take it kind of lightly ("Not our problem anymore!") until it finally sank in that, responsibility or not, it wasn't going to be too functional. Watching the light dawn in Stuart's eyes was quite amusing.

I drove Timmie, Mark, and their three boxes'o'booze home, then went to mine and passed out.

Today has been - odd. Of course, in my present mood, everything's pretty damn odd. Cynthia was going to try an open house today from 2-4, so I cleaned up a teeny bit, and got everything sort of lined up. In the meantime, I ended up showing the place to two groups before she got there.

After she was set up, not a single person drove up. Of course, that meant I stood outside and chatted with her while she waited, which was nice. She's quite attractive. mena_kissesoh1 and I spent a certain amount of time surreptitiously admiring her butt.

In any case, the lack of lookers appears to have been moot. Yesterday's counter-offer was accepted, something we didn't learn until 3:30. I have a buyer, and we'll likely be in escrow on Monday.

I should be elated. Joyful, even.

Instead, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. The other, big, heavy, hob-nail clog. I don't know precisely what form it will take, but I just feel it's out there somewhere.

I don't think I'm going to sleep well until close of escrow.

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