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James' Party

So after a delicious dinner at the Fog City Diner, I hiked back to BART, again amazed at that city.  Parks, fountains, architecture...  I remember an old acquaintance of mine referring to it as "Baghdad by the Bay".  Fitting - the place seems more like something out of a story.

Ah well.  Then down to James' birthday party, already in full swing.  In fact, half the room left shortly after I got there.  Apparently I need a better deodorant...

But then more people showed up.  I spent a wonderful evening talking and shmoozing.  Eddie, Lynette, Shawn and I spent about half an hour just telling bad jokes.  Talked to people I'd basically only seen.  Met some others.  Twas good.

And you know it's a good party if both the police and the apartment manager come out.

Headed back to my car at the bar at about 1:40, when James decided it was booty call time.  I'm hoping he succeeded in prying Sarah, Paul, and Eddie off the bed.  In the bar parking lot, I had a quick tickle fight with Aurellia, and then talked for about 45 minutes with justnate before wrenching myself away to head home.  Tired was I.

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