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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

Starting where I left off on Sunday...

I didn't make it to Jen's party until 4:30, an hour late. This turned out to be fine because Jen didn't get there until 5:00. Still, I got to talk to her for a bit, which is always nice - and I also got some face time with Karla, which is pleasant in quite a number of ways. I also met Karla's boyfriend, who seems like a good match.

Around 5:30, I headed up to KoC to start the 7 hour karaoke show of DOOM. I didn't get started until around 6:50, at least in part because I needed to work around Kristi's girlfriend Melissa. She was DJing (rather well, actually), but was also very drunk. The booth still smelled of spilled beer last night.

The fairly leisurely conversation with Janis probably had something to do with it, too. I think I embarrassed the poor girl. I mentioned the time I was considering rethinking my sexuality, until she walked up to sing.

The evening turned out to be relatively mellow, though we had enough people all night to keep a party going. In fact, the first round ended up being around 15 people, and it grew from there.

I had a lot of fun with the larger than usual female contingent. For some odd reason, not everyone seemed to agree - Kendall's first comment on walking up to the booth was "I didn't expect the Lilith fair." Tough.

Kristin and I resumed our little ass-swatting war. The lovely Natalie showed up, and I got numerous very nice hugs from her. She was wearing a "Most Wanted" t-shirt, and I managed to refrain from saying anything.

Come to think of it, I also managed to not say anything about Janis' "Enjoy California" shirt, either. A fount of tact and decorum am I.

All in all, quite a fun time, though I started to fade around 8:30, and finally propped myself up with Rockstar. There were a few errors here and there as a result, too, but on the whole I did pretty well.

I sort of finished early - I don't remember exactly when, but it was around 1:30. The reason was that I'd filled my chart completely. Not too surprising, that - it was originally designed for a standard 4-hour show. So in all that time, we went 6 rounds, precisely.

I crawled through shutdown, fell into the car, and went home, snagging some fast food on the way. Then I slept.

I woke up at 9:00, fiddled for a bit, then slept.

I work up at 12:00, fiddled for a bit more, then, well, slept.

I actually got up at 4:30, feeling considerably better. Not fine, but much, much better. Then a nice dinner with timenchanter at P.F. Chang's, and off to more karaoke, with Timmie in tow.

The Monday show was kind of interesting. It started off fairly well attended - I got to see (and hear) cekyr0 and jeffercine, for one thing. The first round was about 8 people, but by the 4th round it had grown to 17, including valeriesparks and mr_seed. Apple has been in on occasion, but it's been forever since I've seen Valerie.

I was in an unusual song-selection groove. I kept throwing odd songs at kizmet100, which she'd sing without batting an eye. By contrast, at one point, I had to go through 5 songs before I got one that Alex knew, and would sing. I was on the whole fairly on with dwo, though. Now I have a challenge, since I almost got there: To pick a song that makes him snort beer.

Kendall tried twice to give me hard - or ridiculous - songs, but gave up both times, since I'd already pulled worse ones.

calicoaster had me sing "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver", leading Valerie to make an offer that she (sigh) welched on. Life's so hard. But I try to carry on...

Most everyone went home around 11:30. In fact, by a little after midnight, I had around 5 people in the rotation. Since none of them were drinking, we decided to close the show by about 1:00. That led to a slightly oddvfeeling of time displacement. Even with an extensive conversation with bluize and Paul, I was closed down, and we were out of there, before 2:00.

Timmie and I had some food at Carrow's, and left there at about 2:30. It felt... unnatural.

Then home, and some sleep. Carrow's did counterattack a bit, but mostly I had to be up by 9:00 this morning for the termite inspector. I have no idea what he found - it'll be in the report in a couple of days.

Right now, I need to clean up and get ready for lunch with kshandra. Veritable social butterfly, I am.

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i'll have to be sure to not have any beer in my mouth while waiting for my song to come up. :p

Well, that certainly adds an extra layer of challenge. Hmmm...


I'm tired just reading about all that. *pant* lol...you certainly have quite an active social life. :-)

You were pretty much on with me last night, too. I think the one I liked least was Borderline, and that's not really that bad.

Have a nice lunch!

Re: Wow!

Yes, quite in demand am I. I was pretty tired too. Heck, I am pretty tired. There hasn't been much opportunity for rest today - and some group is here wandering through the house right now.

Lunch was very nice - we went to CPK, and just hung out and talked. Will definitely have to do that again.

Lillith Fair, I didn't think of that one for some odd reason - My comments ranged from "Did the L-Word change nights" to "Welcome to club estrogen"

The funny thing is that for most of the night, there were still more men than women in the bar - it's just that normally the proportion is much higher.

It was nice to see some balance.

It reminded me a bit of the old Daybreak (Paula's previous bar). That was also open to all, but mainly had a lesbian clientèle.

Yeah I seem to remember the Daybreak being more of a lesbian bar, of course I used to go there with a lesbian couple . . . go figure

And I was there, mostly playing pool. With lesbians.

did you know a couple named Patty and Vicky?

Not that I remember, though I'm terrible with names.

omg everyone mentioned but me!



awwww :(

Yeah, but there's a picture of him in the comments. That's gotta count for a mention.

and at least didn't mention that stan wasn't there. *smirk*

Shhhhh! For the love of all that's good, keep quiet!

sooooo does not count.

In my case you were pretty on for song selections for me. At least I didn't have to sing Don't Cha again. Sorry I missed Valerie though. See you Thursday (probably) again for more kareoke.

I was surprised by how well that went. And you did fine on Don't Cha. I've just gotta remember not to give it to you again.

See ya Thursday!

If you happen to pull Don't Cha for me again go ahead and give it to me. I don't mind singing it really it's just that it was kind of a shock to see especially after my two previous experiences with that song. I donb't suppose you missed Jen's partial stip tease that night. I kinda wish the song had gone on linger because she was seriously considering dropping her pants.


I miss waaay too much up in that booth.