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Almost Worked - Well, Not Really

I was checking email in one of my accounts, and noticed an eBay "Question about an auction" message. The thoughts running through my head were:
  1. That's odd - this is in the wrong folder.

  2. Well, I do have a problem with some eBay messages being misfiled in this folder.

  3. But never one of these.

  4. Hold it - I get a lot of phishing attempts at this address.
And it was, indeed, a bad phish.

I mostly find it mildly amusing because a few months ago I would have just laughed at the attempt and deleted the message. Times change.

Not that it ever would have worked, anyway. I never click on links in emails, for just that reason.

Ah well. Time to confront the slew of voicemails from this morning. It's interesting how much more trepidation I have over voice communication vs. text.

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