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So, another day in which I couldn't get much sleep. And, apparently, one that's been sorta productive.

Lessee. I've complained about a late shipment (It's happening enough that it's almost getting formulaic. "OK, we've passed the email stage - could you call them?"). I've deposited a customer check, and ordered his lamp for him.

I've passed out termination notices to everyone but timenchanter. Yay. I'm only including one for him so I can tell the realtor that everyone has one, anyway.

The last day is officially September 1st.

I've got the contract faxed to me from one group, which haven't endeared themselves too much to me. It's the used car salesman attitude: "How low are you willing to go? Well, how 'bout a little lower!".

So I have one agent coming by this evening, and possibly another one tomorrow. Depends on whether I sign a contract this evening.

And, in all this, I need to figure out why people stopped buying my stuff. In the last seven days, I've sold one (1) lamp. No more, no less. The eBay listing fees are starting to eat me alive.

Well. The only thing missing from all this is that I still need to talk to Paula. I suppose I should get around to that. Joy!

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