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A Tale of Two Shows

Sunday's show was interesting - it was one of the slowest nights we've had for a while. Still, it had some definite highlights. helios77 showed up, for one thing, as well as Albert and tlslive.

Later, Chris (of Chris and Noe) came in with some friends - one of them Robin, an excellent singer visiting from Nashville.

Meanwhile, wavewarrior kept supplying me with alcohol, which I kept drinking. I closed the show just before 2:00, at the end of the 8th round.

A lot of the night is kinda blurry.

supersniffles was kind enough to take both me and synkitty home and feed us, so I had a chance to sober up. Then she drove us back to the bar, I dropped Synthia off at home, made it to my place, and collapsed in a heap.

Monday was a pretty slow day. I'm considering what to do about the sales thing - I'm selling reasonably well, but not well enough to beat the fees. That, and feeling insecure about the whole home sales thing. Sigh. I'm going to have to talk to Mario tomorrow. And, I suppose, print out official termination notices.

The show tonight is going pretty well - for a Monday. We're on the 5th round right now, and will probably make it to 7. But we've had a good crowd - at one point we reached 21 singers. Besides, the present Avenue Q marathon is a lot of fun.

Not to mention watching Natalie during it...

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