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I got up extremely late yesterday - around 5:00 or so.  Strange dreams.  Part of the problem is that someone turned the thermostat up downstairs, and as a result my room was around 95, so I more broke out of a heat-induced coma than woke up.

And almost immediately got embroiled in a long-distance discussion with stormmonkey over who was responsible for bailing Llorona out.

Managed to get it together enough to join timenchanter and pjdorian for dinner.  It was good to see Paul - it's been quite some time.

Dropped by Borders.  Discovered to my dismay that Stephen Brust has been quite prolific the last few years.  Must catch up...

Then to Splash.  Ended up singing a lot for a change, if only because, well, for the first 4-5 rotations the rotation length was 4, including me.  I know how aggravating that can be for a KJ.  I found a bunch of songs I used to sing, but don't have in the present collection.  I really must try something new sometime...

While heading home, got a frantic call from Mena saying she'd almost been raped.  A quite confused message, I assume because she's been drinking again.  She had some guest over, and apparently told him to let himself out then went to bed herself (Que?).  Then woke up with him slipping naked into bed with her - and an unfamiliar blanket on the bed.  I'm guessing he wanted to make sure they were warm...

She then proceeded to chase him out and down the street.  I'm not surprised at that one - she may be small, but she's wiry.  When I got home, she'd called several friends over, I assume for "protection".  That part I'm not too happy with.  I needed something from the family room later, and found two (2) near-transients snoring on the couch, and one (1) couple about to have sex in the family room.  I can't say I felt remarkably safer.  For one thing, one could probably haul the guys on the couches out onto the street and leave them there without them waking up.

I'm going to have to have a talk with that girl.

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