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Bitches & Phones & Dinner & Singing!

So, after the first escape, stormmonkey asked Mena to watch Llorona until she could get back.  The problem with that?  Well, Mena and I had already arranged to go out and get her phone fixed.  And the dog wasn't staying in the house.  So out she went, and off we went.

To this really interesting little store called, originally, "Cellular Repair Center".  Well, interesting to me.  It's almost unheard-of at this point to see a little store full of parts, with people repairing things.  Store slightly dingy, not a single piece of brightly colored advertising anywhere.  We sat and talked to the guys while they worked.  It was just, well, real in a way that you don't get walking into Target.  Of course, it also took 2 hours to get the phone fixed.

And Llorona was gone by the time we got back.  And was found by Animal Services.  So now Rachell is more than a little upset, and her dog is in a kennel.  I'm definitely of mixed emotions on this one...

Then off to dinner with timenchanter, Paul, and Sarah.  Nice people, good food cooked by ze Timmy.

And then, the show.  I strongly doubt there was much of what one would call "profit", since there were never a lot of us, but we had a hell of a lot of fun.  I certainly did.  It occurred to me that I should add to the "suicide" aspects of the night, and asked James to just fix me "a drink".  A couple of times.  Fun, tasty, and I ended up just a tad toasty.

The song selections in some ways were better.  Well, unbreak_able </span>ended up with short end of the stick a couple of times, and when Timmy showed up later, he got a few slightly off-the-wall things, but in most cases, people ended up with songs they knew (The most vital part), and songs that were more-or-less in their range (The second most vital part).  I've been promised later retribution by Debbie.  That should be interesting...

Eddie and debbiedanced when I did "What I Did For Love", which was most likely not wise on Debbie's part.  But really cool.  Eddie and spawrhawk also did some dancing later.  And I actually managed a rendition of "Blue" that didn't suck.  That, or I was really that drunk...

A cute lesbian couple showed up.  I think the one woman's named Summer - a semi-regular.  The other one's named Kate, and she will hopefully be back.  Simply a great voice.  She was doing pretty well even at the end of the evening, when she was a little too drunk to stand properly.  The make-out sessions on the dance floor were quite entertaining, too.

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