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Dead Man's Baby Steps

Last night's show was rather,well, odd. I wasn't exactly in my best form, but mostly muddled through.

It didn't help that things just weren't working.

The first thing I had to do when I got in was fix the bar's sound system. Someone had mixed up some of the connectors. On top of that, bluize had tried to fix it.

All night, things didn't seem to sound quite right, and I couldn't get a handle on it.

My player got even more temperamental than usual, and killed a running disc - unpleasantly - while I was changing a different one. I may have to replace the player...

And no-one seemed to be able to hear me. At least not later on, when the place got slammed.

The first two rounds were kind of normal - actually, short. The third one basically took the rest of the night. I did a little bit of a fourth one, then we kicked everybody out at just about 2:00 sharp.

I did not maintain my usual equanimity. A clue, by the way: If you want my attention, waving arms is good. Getting close enough for me to hear you is a good follow-up. Don't expect me to be happy when what you're asking is the name I'm calling - the one I stopped calling because you were waving your arms. Oy.

I even kinda snapped at trivialt when I tripped over him.

Ah well. I think most people had fun, which is good. I got my $4.00 in tips. Bitterness doesn't even remotely cross my mind.

I shut down, and decompressed at Carrows. Then home, a few hours of sleep, then up for CCF at 11:00.

That was just me, misswong77, and entropyca. And a lot of fun, as usual.

Home for a few hours, where I ended up doing more about the shipping issue, which is still not resolved.

Also, finally filing the sales tax return. Now the home sale is the top of the procrastination list.

An extra half-hour of sleep, then up to Castro in Mountain View to meet my friend Melanie. We had a nice, relaxed dinner, caught up on things, then went and saw Pirates 2. That kept me laughing. A very cute movie.

Also a very long one. We'd both had a lot of tea with dinner, and both headed straight for the bathroom afterward. I don't know about her, but the reason I didn't run was because I wouldn't have been able to hold it...

We parted ways, and I decided to drop by the bar. And here I am. Surprisingly conscious. Maybe I should get a drink and work on that.

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