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Hot Stuff

Last night's show was so much fun. The giant fan kept the heat down to a survivable level, and we had an enthusiastic crowd - especially filmbuf104's group, which was there for Stacy's 22nd birthday.

They cheered enthusiastically for almost every song.

I'm sure my mood was helped by the comparatively large cute girl quotient, too. Many hugs, much love - enough to keep a dirty old man quite happy. Did I mention Natalie showed up?

It's also, I believe, the first time I've had tips stuffed in my clothing while performing a song.

I closed off a couple of songs before the end of the 5th round, at 1:58. After half an hour of shutdown, I went and joined the party at Denny's - supersniffles, lucydogstringer, kizmet100, synkitty, and Angelo, a co-worker of Steven's. A good party, even if Melicio has moved to a different shift and abandoned us.

I dropped off Synthia at home, then went and collapsed.

Today has been mostly taken up with that "sleep" thing, though I've listed one more item, and have a few lined up to go. I think I'll worry about getting up and ready for the show at this point, however.

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