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Thursday's show never got particularly busy (even if trivialt did show up for a bit), which was actually nice, for a change. Financially, it may even have been a good night for the bar.

I closed around 1:20, at the end of the 6th round. After closing down, I went and hung out at supersniffles's, where she fed me pot roast, and we watched more "Dead Like Me."

Then home, and some sleep.

I did a little bit of work during the day Friday, but not near enough. But then, I was driving around from about 2:00 on.

I gave stormmonkey a ride to a job interview - which turned out to be right next to Barefoot. Unfortunately, nikari wasn't working, but hey, I still got a nice italian soda and a cupcake.

I dropped Rachell off at a meeting place for her to hang out with Novim, then picked up timenchanter from work. A quick meal at Popeye's, then we headed to the Hampton's, met up with jeffercine and cekyr0, and rode over the hill to Cabrillo College to see Guys&Dolls.

It's a very, very good version. I was quite impressed, all around. spawrhawk was a trip, as always.

The girl playing Adelaide turned out to be someone Timmie knew from high school. She was also amazing.

I'd seriously recommend the show.

Afterward, we (myself, Alex, Jefferson, Timmie, misswong77, k_magic, and intrusting) dragged Mikey to Marianne's for some ice cream.

Back over the hill to my car, then off to KoC. Fawkes was here, for one thing.

It also turns out to be chargerboy's birthday party. Which he's partially celebrating by giving body shots. Timmie's now working off the effects of 3 shots of tequila.

And that's about it so far - which should be enough. I have some auction-related stuff I really should have done in the afternoon, but, well...

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