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Doom, DOOM I tell Ya!

I didn't get out of the house last night until around 8:30. A quick call to timenchanter verified that they hadn't eaten yet, either, but were probably going to do fast food.

And I was just a leeetle dizzy. So I opted to walk down to TK Noodle for some dinner. Turns out they close at 8:30, so I was forced to eat at the excellent taqueria next door. Shucks.

Then home. Fooled around on the net until Timmie got there, around 10:30. I started him on some product research, while he did some. He found some good stuff. Which would be better if someone hadn't since bought all of the stock in the two best things he found...

I suppose it's better that I found out about this before listing the items.

In any case, I now have a total of 12 products in rotation. And not a single one sold since Sunday...

All I need is around 500 to actually make money. Sigh. Everything I've looked into today has been impractical - others have better prices than I do on everything I've checked.

If I can manage 2 new products a day - and don't drop any - I can start to be self-sufficient in about 9 months. So, realistically, I'm looking at a year before this starts to really pay off.

And I've scraped together enough money to last until, well, then end of this month, if the check arrives.

Sigh. I'm going to have to sell the house, unless I can somehow find an alternative. Honestly, I don't particularly want the thing, anyway - I've just had too much inertia to get rid of it. However, for various reasons, I may not be able to afford to get rid of it.

And I don't exactly like the thought of dumping out my tenants in a matter of weeks. I'm not even sure if I can do that, legally.

Eh, I'll figure something out.

Meanwhile, I seriously need to get dressed and head to Alameda.

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