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Llorona escaped again today. we don't know how. Mena suspects she just jumped the fence.

Unfortunately, this changes nothing - at least as far as Llorona being outside when not supervised. I can't have her continue to destroy everything in the house. It was not built for the convenience of neglected puppies.

stormmonkey kept talking about having me help with the dog run, to which I agreed. Apparently this also meant pushing the timing, because she's shown no urgency about getting it done, preferring instead to run around as a social butterfly.

So I feel no guilt whatsoever. My only position right now is that if Llorona can't be controlled when supervised, then she will be permanently outside. Wherever she happens to go.

I need to be able to get window coverings for the front window, and expect them to be closed on occasion, without an untrained, anxious puppy pulling them down.


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