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Things worked out pretty positively, yesterday.  The "She" encounter didn't happen - she simply did her thing (I assume fed and watered her cat), slipped a car key under my door, and took off.  Yay for non-confrontation!

I finished burying all 6 cinder-blocks in positions aimed to irritate burrowers, and from what I've seen, succeeded quite nicely.  I also put lagbolts in the gate - I mean to add some more to firmly attach the cross-brace, but I ran out of time.  Over a few years of housemates, housemates' boyfriends, and just plain thieves (The difference has been hard to tell in many cases), my socket wrench sets (Yes, sets) have been decimated.  I found one (1) socket that would fit the lagbolts, which was of the 1/8" attachment type.  Both my remaining wrenches have 1/4" attachments, and all my adapters are missing.  I managed to find one small hand nutdriver of the right size, and had to use it with a pair of pliers to get the bolts in.

As a result, I was extremely late to the show again.  On the positive side, as I was getting out of the shower, Mena called to say the dog couldn't get out, and we laughed maniacally at each other over the phone.

The show went pretty well.  We were sparse, but far from empty.  The rotation peaked at 19, but mostly stayed around 10.  Wiley came in - it's good to see Splash can visit us as well.  Hopefully he'll make a habit of it.  From what little I've heard him sing, he sounded a lot better with us...

dancin_whitey came in - late, but came in.  It was nice to see him in a karaoke context.  Especially since his presence convinced unbreak_able to stay a little later, which is always good.  Natalie and her friends came, Eddie and Heather came, James was there, drunk, most of the night.  timenchanter came for the night - in fact we had dinner afterward.

Mostly a pleasant, low-key party.  Much sexual maneuvering, of varying degrees of success, but then I wouldn't know how to go about any of that...


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