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(Not) In The Money

On the one hand, I've sold more in the last 24 hours than I have since I started. On the other hand, I'm not totally sure if I've made or lost money. On the third hand, the general magnitude of either gain or loss is pretty damn small.

My supplier upped the price on a couple of items by quite a bit. I couldn't, once the auction started. Guess who pays the difference? And, of course, one person bought each item at the minimum bid price. Life is so hard here in used car sales.

I've been trying to get more items out into circulation, which is slowed by several facts, the largest of which is that I'm not that prolific a writer. At least not for ad copy. I have to balance between being interesting and being, well, honest. It would help if I could see some of what I was selling - which I may, for the lamps. I so far have one guy that hates it, and is mailing it back to me, and one woman who loves it. Too bad he got the white one - I'd prefer a purple one.

But hey! I may have a new lamp for the KJ booth!

So anyway, I was up until around 6:00am or so doing research and writing the occasional ad, then slept in until 9:00, when I got up, cleaned up, and headed to spawrhawk's brunch at Hobee's (They all had breakfast, I had lunch. Go figure.). Attending were, well, me and Mikey, misswong77, yammylee, and dwo. I know I had a great time.

I then dropped Lucinda off at her car, and headed home to more product angst™.

I just had to sadly decide not to list the faux fur purple comforter. Apparently, given the number of recent failed auctions, there's just not much of a market for faux fur purple comforters. Odd, no?

I should be at my parents', but I have clothes in the dryer. It was high time I washed pants. The scary thing is that I can't find one of my favorite pairs. I knew my room was terminally messy, but I didn't know I could lose a pair of jeans in it...

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