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Progress and Panic

The show last night was simply amazing. I ran for 2 or 3 rounds (depending on your perspective), and shut down at about 1:55. There were a few cranky people, but the huge press of bodies kept them from going on about it too much.

Certainly there was enough to keep me spinning in my little box all night.

After the show I drove Heather home, then bounced back to supersniffles's place for some really good rice with chicken and celery, and a viewing of Never Cry Wolf. Interesting movie.

I got home around 6:00am, and slept for three hours or so.

In a different life, they finally got me the shipping information on the three completed orders. By this time one of the lamps had been delivered, as a matter of fact. To the guy that was complaining.

And who continues to complain. He doesn't like it, so I'm having him ship me the damn thing, and I'll be giving him a refund. Too bad it's a white one, and not a purple one.

Which brings us to money, and the basic reason I'm not sleeping. I need to drop by my bank, and deposit a considerable amount of cash, so I can pay my mortgage. Which will leave me with $200 to pay a huge number of other overdue bills, most of them in the $300 range...


So if you owe me a considerable amount of money, now would be a great time to pay me back.

Oh, wait. Everybody who owes me money is piss-poor. Sigh.

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