Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's show continued pretty well all the way to the end. I forget how many rounds we ended doing - 5 or 7, I think.

spawrhawk graciously donated an Aïda disc to the collection, which I'll need to add by Thursday (As well as print out new update sheets).

I was so zoned that I started to stay late to write down the tracks and number of singers per track. The first part was easy (even if the actual tracks don't always match the printed label). The second part would have been easy, if it hadn't been a Pocket Songs disc. Almost all brands show you the number (and their colors) on the splash screen. Pocket Songs just throws in singer identifiers as they show up.

About 20 minutes in, I realized that I really didn't have time to sit, watch the screen, and count voices. Paul and bluize really wanted to go home, and I was supposed to meet up with timenchanter at Denny's.

So hopefully I can at least get an approximation from the lyrics sites.

Lest that be too much griping: Hey! New disc! Thanks, Mikey!

After supper with Timmie, I headed home, and stayed there until a little under an hour ago.

I wish I could say something positive about progress, or some such, but I haven't done much at all.

I did do some product research, but I'm a little hesitant to create new auctions at this point because, well, nothing has been shipped for the auctions that have finished. The warehouse claims it takes up to 5 business days to ship. Well, that limit passed today. I'm going to have to talk to them in the morning.

Meanwhile, I've got at least one customer breathing down my neck. I'm not happy about this at all. It's hard to put up more of these people's products, if I don't feel like they'll ever ship them.

Otherwise, I've sat in my room, moped, and read webcomics (my specialty).

Oh, and charted my weight. According to a linear regression (I had to do a linear regression), I'm losing about 1.9 pounds a month. I was aiming for 2, so that's pretty good.

At this rate (assuming I can keep it up), I'll be at my target weight just about in time for my 50th birthday. A long ways off, but this is sustainable - and heading in the correct direction.

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