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Last night proceeded to be pretty interesting. At least if by "interesting", one means extremely drunk straight girls. On the one hand, I had a cute young thing hanging off me in the booth. On the other hand(s), it was difficult to work with her standing directly in front of the equipment, and I had to hide the spare microphone a couple of times.

It was fun, even if they scared synkitty.

Not too surprisingly, the night gradually got less busy. Actually, it dropped off more slowly than I expected. Still, it was slow enough at the end of the night to give supersniffles 3 songs, and lucydogstringer 2.

I closed up around 1:40, took Synthia home, then stuffed myself at the Cardinal Lounge. I really should lay off the pie...

Then home, where I worked on getting the vendor product database together. I had a few hours of sleep in there somewhere, but by early afternoon I finally had a database put together.

Which has been useful, though it would be more so if some of the MSRPs weren't complete acts of fiction...

Anyway, I got myself cleaned up and down to the bar just a little late. Good thing, since there was already a group waiting - including the recently missing trivialt, and the elusive cekyr0 and jeffercine.

I started at 8:10 with about 8 singers. The first round finished off at 13. I'm about halfway through the second round, and have 18 singers signed up so far. While it's not last night, it's still remarkably impressive.

Also, I've managed to do two new kizmet100 songs that she finished. I'm a golden god of karaoke!

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