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I've been out fortifying the ground under the gate against Llorona - in general, it's not my problem, but I told stormmonkey I'd do it, and I am.  Mostly finished, as a matter of fact - between the recent rains and the nice sunny day, the ground is easy to work, and I'm not soaking in the rain.

I'm feeling a little futile, here, of course.  I'm going to finish blocking digging at this part of the gate - unless, of course, she goes at it long enough.  And I'm going to screw the local fence boards in place.  Which will work until she gnaws through.  This is, after all, the dog that took the molding off of Mena's door.

Have I mentioned the unfortified portion of the fence that goes into two neighbor's yards?  Don't think I have.

And if we do manage to contain her, those of us not Rachell will have to deal with continuous howling.  So she of course realizes that she'll have to be spending most all of her spare time here, if she wants here to continue to exist for her.  Well, or take the dog with her.  I'm sure a D&D location can be found that allows dogs.  Here, for example.

But at least, from this point, irregardless of the condition of the outside fortifications, the dog will only be allowed in the main living portions of the house if it's (1) accompanied, and (2) relatively clean.  I'm going to be cleaning the carpets, dammit, and they're going to stay clean for at least a month this time, if it means I have to kill every dog and toddler that gets in my way!  Hahahahahahahaha!

Meanwhile "She" showed up while I was digging - I haven't seen her, I just know she's here.  Joy.  I haven't met her face-to-face since she learned of her not-quite-imminent ejection.  This promises to cap off a wonderful day.  At least I have the show tonight to look forward to...

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