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Last night's show was, well, I guess intense would do as a descriptor.

I had probably about 37 individual singers, and managed 3 rounds. I managed 3 only because the first round was short, and most everybody left before the 3rd one. The vast majority of the evening was the round-that-never-ended.

With enough little changes in the middle to keep me just on the edge of not managing most of the night - but I did. I think the only real delay was the length of time it took to plug the stage monitor back in after a dancer (I believe lady_elsena tripped over the power cord while dancing for Albert. A couple of minutes of dead air out of 5 hours isn't too bad...

I believe trivialt wasn't there, but the night was such a blur that I could be wrong.

I managed to get everything closed up in a reasonable amount of time, then got myself fed bangers&mash by supersniffles while watching another episode of Dead Like Me.

Then home and a little bit of oblivion. Which I woke up from too soon, as is my habit.

I napped in my chair later, so I guess it's all OK, and I shouldn't be feeling this tired now.

This evening's solo restaurant adventure was Red Lobster, where I most suprisingly only overate a little. Then a drive in the mountains, and back home.

In the meantime, I have made only baby steps in setting up the next round of auctions. Don't know the problem, but at least it's not as bad as getting the first set of products ready to go.

The only thing is that it looks like I need several hundred individual products in the pipe for this to work, and I'm taking days to get #5 ready to go. Oy.

Ah well. mena_kissesoh1's sister is playing at the Caravan in San Jose at 9:00, so I think I'll mosey on over there and see what it's like. I've heard she's actually pretty good, but we'll see.

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