Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Why I Don't Need Drugs

One thing I forgot about last night was the visual effects. About halfway through the night I started having problems with the visual field in my left eye.

Initially, I simply thought I had to much light contrast around me, and was suffering from a lack of visual purple. After all, especially since the "candelabra" broke, I alternate between having the spot above me shine in my face, and trying to read in its shadow. I also frequently have the laptop going, which is another bright light source.

In any case, it was making dealing with slips a bit of a mess.

After about 20 minutes of this, I realized the effect was turning into more of a migraine "visual aura" type effect - at least the type I've had in the past. I had a line across the middle of my left eye that contained an effect rather similar to snow.

Oddly enough, I seriously didn't feel like I had a headache coming on - and didn't. I just had an irritating effect that made it really hard to read.

After half an hour or so, the effect drifted out of the visual area - and somehow became a tic in my left eyelid. Go figure. At least it was a mild one, and I was back to being able to read properly.

I can't seriously complain about this body, but it does do the damnedest things sometimes.

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