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After the Party's Over

Last night sort of petered out - but in a pleasant way. People came up, said goodnight, and went home.

This meant that I was able to make through all of four rounds before closing at, well, about 1:58. So those that stuck it out got to sing - like Devin. This was the third time he's been at the bar, and the first time he got more than one song.

Things were still kind of crazy up to the end. It's hard to describe, except that when you have enough people asking for last minute changes, putting in songs, and not being available when you call them, you have a lot less time for "extras". My last post, for example, was started about 9:30, and finished at 11:30.

Similarly, data entry was, well, slow. It didn't help that finding the number of singers for each song required going through the songbook, and counting the different names. I suppose I should be happy the JTGs come with a songbook.

Then there's the decision of what to call the result, especially for Avenue Q. I've labeled a number of songs (Like The Internet Is For Porn) as "duet+", since they're mainly a duet, with a few extras tacked on at the end. But a lot are labelled as septets, even though two people could sing them, by taking multiple roles.

Anyway, I finished closing down, and entering data, almost exactly at 3:00.

Then I got involved with the mini-party in the parking lot with dwo, spawrhawk, Devin, and Andrew. Given Devin and Mikey, I'm just glad the hood of my car is reasonably sturdy.

I eventually headed home around 3:40, and called to tell supersniffles that I wasn't making it over yet again.

I grabbed some food at Jack-in-the-Box, got home, and collapsed.

And I've pretty much stayed collapsed since then, in part because of the heat. I eventually got the energy to turn on the air conditioner, which has helped a lot.

Now I need to get myself cleaned up, and go get some food.

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